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Laser Therapy In South Philadelphia

If you’re interested in advanced dental care using the latest technology, Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates is where you want to be in South Philadelphia. Dr. Bill Mestichelli and Dr. Michael Barnes have invested in cutting-edge tools, including laser dental tools for laser therapy. Learn more below, or book an appointment for more information.

Laser Therapy in South Philadelphia

what is laser dentistry?

understanding the basics

Laser dentistry uses powerful laser tools instead of traditional surgical tools like scalpels and dental drills. Using laser tools at Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates provides our patients with a number of unique benefits.

Laser dentistry also causes minimal pain and bleeding. This is because the high-powered laser immediately cauterizes (seals with heat) the nerve endings and the soft tissue during use. In many cases, you don’t even need numbing or sedation when you’re being treated with laser dental tools.

At our office, our South Philly dentists can use laser tools for almost any treatment. From soft tissue treatments like gum reshaping to preparing to treat cavities with a filling or a crown, we do it all. You can learn more about these treatments below. 

South Philadelphia laser dentistry

soft tissue laser treatment

odyssey diode laser

The Odyssey Diode Laser is a cutting-edge soft-tissue laser that’s ideal for treating issues with your gums, such as gum disease. Using this laser, Dr. Barnes and Dr. Mestichelli can provide fast, effective, and minimally invasive treatments like deep cleaning (scaling & root planing) for gum disease. 
We can also provide gum reshaping using the Odyssey Diode laser, which can correct issues like a “gummy” smile by exposing more of your natural tooth. To learn more about the treatments you can have with our soft tissue laser, contact us for a consultation.

all tissue laser treatment

waterlase iplus

The Waterlase iPlus can be used on all dental tissue, including hard tissue like your enamel and dentin. With up to 10W of power, it can be used for over 80 different dental procedures, and is used by more than 15,000 dental offices worldwide.

Whether you need a filling, you have an infected tooth and need a root canal, or need a soft tissue biopsy, this powerful laser is up to the task. With the Waterlase iPlus laser, Dr. Barnes and Dr. Mestichelli can ensure that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during your appointment.

Cold Sore treatment

with Laser therapy

We offer laser therapy for cold sores, which ensures that you can get rid of these uncomfortable, annoying imperfections right away. By applying the laser directly to the cold sore, our team can destroy the virus causing the cold sore, stop the progression of the lesion, and help it heal faster. With multiple treatments, you can even reduce the likelihood of the cold sore reappearing in the same spot.

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