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Simple, Versatile Cosmetic Treatment

Why Choose Dental Bonding?

If you want to transform your smile on a budget, dental bonding from Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates is a great option. With dental bonding from Dr. Bill Mestichelli or Dr. Michael Barnes, you can completely transform your smile. Dental bonding is highly versatile, and can treat issues including tooth stains and discoloration, minor chips in the teeth, uneven teeth, slightly crooked teeth, and more.

With bonding, you can transform your smile in Philadelphia, and feel great about how you look once again. Contact us today to schedule a cosmetic consultation at Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates, and see if dental bonding is right for you.

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Dental Bonding

What Are The Benefits
Of Dental Bonding?

Compared to other cosmetic treatments, one of the primary benefits of dental bonding is its affordable cost. Dental bonding is much less expensive than veneers, which are the most common alternative. With dental bonding at our South Philadelphia dental office, you can transform your smile even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on cosmetic care. We also offer financing options like CareCredit, which means you can split the cost of your treatment into low monthly installment payments.

Dental bonding also requires no drilling or removal of your natural enamel, unlike veneers. This means that it’s less invasive. And, unlike veneers, dental bonding can be reversed in the future, since no natural enamel has to be drilled away during the procedure.

Finally, dental bonding offers very fast results. Typically, it takes less than 30 minutes to apply bonding to each tooth, so you can have multiple teeth bonded in just a single appointment at Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates. This makes it a lot faster than veneers, which require multiple appointments over several weeks.

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What To Expect

The Dental Bonding Process

After you've been approved for dental bonding, you’ll come to Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates for your appointment. Dr. Mestichelli or Dr. Barnes will clean your teeth to prepare for the procedure. After your teeth are clean, they will apply a special etching solution to the teeth that are receiving dental bonding. This roughens the surface of the enamel very slightly, which helps the bonding resin adhere to your tooth.

Then, they will apply a soft, pliable tooth-colored resin directly to your tooth. Dr. Barnes or Dr. Mestichelli will gently mold and sculpt the resin to reshape your tooth. Once the general shape is right, they will harden the resin using a special UV light. Next, they will trim the bonding material until it looks just like a natural part of your tooth. They’ll make any final necessary adjustments, then send you home. Or, if you’re having multiple teeth treated with bonding, they’ll begin the procedure on your next tooth and repeat this process.

Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Bonding?

If you have cosmetic problems with your smile but you have a healthy mouth, you are likely a good candidate for dental bonding in Philadelphia. To learn more about all of your options including dental bonding, we recommend contacting Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates for a cosmetic consultation. Dr. Mestichelli or Dr. Barnes can help you make the right choice and take the first steps toward a better smile.

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