Is Food Stuck In Your Dental Implants? Here's How To Keep Them Clean!

When you’re missing teeth, dental implants can be a savior. However, dental implants can take some time to get used to. After they’re installed, it’s easy to have food get stuck to them. However, it’s important to keep your dental implants as clean as possible. Not only will this make your mouth look messy, but it can also cause a lot of discomforts. Here is what our South Philly dentists from Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates recommend.

Why You Need to Keep Dental Implants Clean

Even though a dental implant is not part of the natural bone structure in your mouth, it requires proper care just like a regular tooth. Failure to brush the implant twice daily can cause an infection around it that may require oral surgery. Around 10% of patients develop an infection after a dental implant operation. 

A serious infection can cause your body to reject the implant. But if you treat the infection in time, you’ll be able to keep the implant in the same spot. In more extreme cases where removal is necessary, having another implant in that area will not be possible.

How to Keep Dental Implants Clean

Managing your dental implants should be no more challenging than managing natural teeth. In the beginning, brushing isn’t recommended, since it may irritate the area around the implant that’s still healing. During that time, flossing is mandatory.

After some time passes, you can start using a soft bristle brush. Here’s how your cleaning routine should look like:

  • Clean the implants at least twice a day
  • Only use low-abrasive toothpaste
  • Clean the areas around the implant with floss

Some places around the implant are going to be hard to reach. Nonetheless, you need to clean them too. If you want to reach these places, you need to use another device.

What’s an Oral Irrigator and Why Use It

Chances are, you’ve heard about the “oral irrigator” however, you know it by a different name. Some dentists refer to it as “hydro flosser” and “waterpik.” It’s a device with a small water reservoir that allows the user to spray water around the mouth, and clean them effectively.  

The irrigator is pretty inexpensive, easy to use, and will last you for a long time. It's a perfect cleaning tool for people with dental appliances like braces and implants.

Most models offer a variety of flow settings. This allows the user to adjust the pressure to their liking. Oral irrigators often feature an on/off button that allows you to stop the water flow while you redirect it or switch angles.

Dental Implants Care at Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates

A missing tooth can make everyday actions like speaking and eating a chore. It may also affect your appearance and oral health significantly. A dental implant, bridge, or full dentures is the best way to keep your mouth and health intact. If you want to know more about dental implants, how they work, and how much they cost, feel free to contact Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates. You can contact us online or call our office at (215) 334-2000.

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