Everything You Need to Know About a CEREC Same-Day Crown

Dental crowns are caps placed on teeth that suffer from decay or are chipped or cracked. Crowns can prevent the loss of the entire tooth and offer protection. 

But, if you are dreading the process and are postponing getting the treatment you need because of it, then you should know that waiting can come with some harsh consequences. Left untreated, these conditions can affect the entire tooth as well as the root, and extraction might be needed, as well as a replacement of the tooth.

If you want to avoid these issues, you may be interested in same-day CEREC crowns in South Philly


CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, and it uses a computer to design and manufacture same-day crowns. Your dentist in Philadelphia takes a 3D scan of your mouth with the help of imaging software and then uses the image to create the crowns. 

The beauty of it is that the machine that creates the crown is located in the same office, which considerably cuts down on the wait time. 

As opposed to regular crowns where patients have to wait until a laboratory makes the crowns, CEREC can be placed on the same day.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns 

  • Saves time by reducing the number of visits you have to pay to the dentist’s office;
  • The restoration of the teeth is immediate and you don't have to wear temporary crowns until a lab finishes them; 
  • They are cost-effective as you need fewer dentist visits. For some people, that time saved can be invaluable as it can be very difficult to move around work tasks and family life. Moreover, the number of materials is reduced in the entire process; 
  • They are comfortable and it saves you the time when a temporary resin crown is needed. These can be less comfortable, move around and if not careful even hurt your gums;
  • They are very stable, and you do not have to worry about them falling out; 
  • Sometimes the dentist can place them without removing as much natural enamel, which also influences the recovery time. 


Same-day crowns are an optimal solution for teeth restoration, but they also come with some cons:

  • They can only be made out of ceramic, and this material can be more sensitive to outside forces. If you grind your teeth, this can damage the crowns.
  • The scanning software might not detect cracks that are deep in your teeth. If you have them, it is better to choose traditional crowns.

The best option is to talk to your dentist about your current situation and decide what suits you and your oral health.

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