Dental Cleanings Are Essential – Here's What You Need To Know

As any dentist will tell you, six-month dental cleanings are essential for your oral health. Wondering why? In this blog from Mestichelli Barnes Dental Associates, we’ll discuss a few answers to common questions about dental cleanings, and help you understand why teeth cleanings in Philadelphia are so important. 

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Cleanings?

The biggest benefit of dental cleanings is that they allow your dentist in Philadelphia to check your oral health every six months. Your dentist will look for signs of common oral health issues like tooth decay or gum disease.

By identifying and preventing these issues early, you can prevent future oral health complications and save time and money. This also gives you valuable peace of mind.

Dental cleanings are also usually 100% covered by dental insurance plans, so seeing the dentist every six months helps you get more from your insurance coverage. 

How Often Do You Get Dental Cleanings? 

You should get dental cleanings as part of every six-month visit to your preventative dentist. That’s the recommendation of the American Dental Association (ADA) as well as all other major dental organizations.

Seeing a dentist every six months ensures that you stay on top of your oral health, and can avoid oral health problems like cavities and gum disease. 

What Should A Dental Cleaning Include?

Dental cleanings usually consist of 3 basic steps:

  1. Scaling your teeth – To begin the process, your hygienist will use a special tool to scrape plaque and tartar away from your teeth.

  2. Buffing your teeth – After scaling, a gritty toothpaste will be used with a high-powered brush to buff and polish your teeth.

  3. Flossing your teeth – Finally, your teeth will be flossed to remove any remaining debris and ensure they’re totally clean. 

Once your cleaning is done, your dentist will enter the room, examine your teeth, and discuss your oral health with you. X-rays may also be taken every 12 months, or whenever your dentist deems them to be appropriate. 

What Happens If You Don’t Get Dental Cleanings?

This depends on how well you’re caring for your teeth. If you are maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, brushing and flossing regularly, and taking other precautions to keep your smile healthy, chances are that nothing bad will happen… at least, for a while.

But the problem is that there’s no way to know. If you don’t get dental cleanings and checkups at the dentist, you won’t know if you have a cavity, if you have gum disease, or even if you have a more serious condition like oral cancer. By the time you recognize the signs and symptoms, it will be too late to take preventive steps. 

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